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Chromosome Tea

Review In Music Connection Magazine

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Photo by: Nick Zgradic

Upcoming Shows:

November 9th @ King King (The Fold)

Past Shows:

10/22/05 @ Hangar 1018

10/03/05 @ Viper Room Indie 103.1 night

8/23/05 @ Silverlake Lounge (The Fold) 

7/26/05 Silverlake Lounge (The Fold)

Every Tuesday in June 2005 @ Kiss or Kill Club

5/28/05 The Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ)

5/27/05 The Double Down (Las Vegas, NV)

5/16/05 The Echo (with Gliss)

5/13/05 eve or 5/14/05 day @ Newport OC Cancer Research Benefit

5/12/05 The Silverlake Lounge

5/6/05 Knitting Factory (Kiss or Kill CD Release)

4/24/05 Molly Malones (Live Rude Girls)

3/29/05 The Echo (Kiss or Kill)

3/18/05 El Cid

2/15/05 The Echo (Kiss or Kill)

2/5/05 Scooby's

1/25/05 The Echo

1/6/05 The Scene Bar

11/24/04 Troubadour

11/16/04 Zen Sushi

10/29/04 M Bar with Sounds of Asteroth

10/25/04 Indie 103.1 Night at Viper Room

10/16/04 Vespa Store with Math & Science

1/5/04 Zen

9/21/04 Zen with Billion Stars (Silverlake, CA)

8/17/04 Zen with the Knives, Waking Hours, & The Cloves(Silverlake, CA)

8/7/04 Emerald Lounge (Phoenix, AZ)

7/13/04 The Viper Room with Kennedy(Hollywood, CA)

7/3/04 The M Bar (Hollywood, CA)

6/16/04 The Tempest with Sierra Swan (West Hollywood, CA)

6/13/04 The Anarchy Library (Downey, CA)

4/16/04 The Derby (Los Angeles, CA)

3/9/04 Zen Sushi (Silverlake, CA)

1/13/04 The Derby with The Femurs (Los Angeles, CA)

12/4/03 The Scene Bar (Glendale, CA)

11/15/03 The Tempest (Hollywood, CA)

10/31/03 Jet Rag/ Slow Halloween Party

10/21/03 Tempest with Resonant Heads & Captain Pants (West
Hollywood, CA)

9/26/03 14 Below with Fishbone (Santa Monica, CA)

8/30/03 Sea Level Records Instore (Echo Park, CA)

7/20/03 Fire Island (Long Beach, CA)

Material: Chromosome Tea delivers a nearly flawless blend of vintage-sounding post-punk, new wave, and pop, with tongue-in-cheek, sometimes vulnerable, but always anxious and driven lyrics. They kick out short jams that take you from the estrogen-fueled edginess of the Slits, X-Ray Spex or Siousxie, to the pop manifestos of Blondie on a Fast Times-like soundtrack. There are several tunes here that are unconventional, yet familiar, energetic, and most certainly single worthy.

Musicianship: As good as youd want an indie band to sound, and surprisingly better, Chromosome Teas vocalists have well-worked-out harmonies, and the band play just the right chords to add tension to the female catfight. The rhythm section is loose enough to be considered messy, but by the time they go into Mr. Sparkle, drummer Tanowitz, settles into an expertly executed Clem Burke-like disco-hi-hat wash.

Guitarist Ryan Camu is Chris Steinlike in his no-frills execution and dependable guitar work. Kennedy played some good bubblegum bass lines, while Ai-Ball complemented with excellent rhythm guitar harmonics.

Lead vocalist Michelle Waters has a voice with an impressive range, as her approach is a good combination of raw (rough-around-the-edges) talent and confident delivery. A good example of this was in their song Evil Santa, where Waters wasnt afraid of delving into the grit, and showed no fear when reaching for the notes she nailed.

Performance: The proof is in the performance, and the packed club needed no further evidence, as they hollered for more. One song after the next, Ai-Ball communicated with the audience and the band, thus focusing their set. There is also undeniable chemistry between the two female leads; they look as if they have been sharing the stage for years. The drums and guitar seemed more locked than the drums and bass, and the whole rhythm section performed with an affected sense of bemusement, though you could tell Camu knew the words, the music and the vibe. The band has an untapped/unbridled rock star in Michelle Waters; she gives herself completely to the song and her spastic performance, adds to the sincerity and success of their show.

Summary: Chromosome Tea play a form of punk that is cleverly studied, but its also spontaneous and refreshingly authentic. While not meaning to burn up the charts, they do have songs that can be hits in their own right. Their music is well constructed, and their lyrics always engaging and informed; combine that with a band committed on letting it all hang out, and you have an exciting new act with a promising future.

Daniel Siwek

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