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Who is Chromosome Tea?
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Chromosome Tea
Who is Chromosome Tea?

Chromosome Tea delivers a nearly flawless blend of vintage-sounding post-punk, new wave, and pop, with tongue-in-cheek, sometimes vulnerable, but always anxious and driven lyrics. They kick out short jams that take you from the estrogen-fueled edginess of the Slits, X-Ray Spex or Siousxie, to the pop manifestos of Blondie on a Fast Times-like soundtrack.

-Daniel Siwek

Music Connection

To put it simply, singer Michelle Waters and guitarist Ai-Ball, two former Catholic school girls from Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, know how to rock. The two met when they were in junior high and quickly bonded over their love of all things punk and pop. It took a few years, but finally the pair decided to start their own band, and with the help of drummer Ryan Camu and local rock veteran, bassist, Mike Sattin, Chromosome Tea was complete.

What really makes Chromosome Tea stand apart form the hundreds of bands playing out around Los Angeles today is their ability to write and deliver simple, infectious unpretentious songs. And the chemistry between the two front ladies is undeniable. Best friends for years, the girls are very comfortable with each other and have a natural stage presence. Michelle and Ai-Ball have been meticulously working on harmonies and hooks that are sure to buzz around in your head for hours after hearing them. Chromosome Tea has created a sound that is not a throwback to 80s punk as much as it carries the spirit of that genre. It's good, clean, gritty fun. The Tea girls and boys welcome you to join them.


At a Glance

Michelle Waters- Vocals
Ryan Camu- Drums
Ai-Ball- Guitar
Mike Sattin- Bass